Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ro(a)ry the Racing Car

My friend, Ashley, gave me a heads-up about a cartoon out there called "Roary the Racing Car". Apparently it's a British thing that been around a while that's being added to the American line-up on PBS this fall.

I Googled it and found numerous You Tube clips and told Rory about it. He wants to watch it 24/7 ("Mom, can I see me as a race car again?") and goes around singing the theme song.

Maggie has Maggie and the Ferocious Beast to her name, Sully has Monster's Inc. and now we have one for Rory!!! ;o)

Here are the kids and their cartoon counterparts...

Thanks, Ash!

Music Monday

This is another "classic" to me that I never get tired of hearing. My dad turned me on to the Eagles and I feel like I appreciate their talent more and more every time I hear them! Great songwriting, fantastic harmonies and amazing musicians.

Eagles Hotel California


Sunday, September 28, 2008

She makes me think...

Maggie: I know how they make water.
Casey: Oh, yeah. How?
Maggie: They squeeze the juice from ice.

Me: Maggie, what kind of dressing would you like on your salad?
Maggie: Um...Italian.
Me: Here you go...italiano!
Maggie: [looks at Rory] That's Spanish for Italian.

Maggie: Why are all of these trees down on the ground?
Me: Because of the hurricane.
Maggie: Maybe John McCain called it that because it rhymed with his name!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Its been a big month!

Sully has had a big turn over into month 7. He mastered the art of sitting, turning around while sitting to face a different direction, clapping, saying "Dada", got his first tooth and is eating table foods. He also decided to start crawling during all of the hurricane craziness. He just did it one day and hasn't stopped since. He is EVERYWHERE! He also started pulling up.

It's all happening too soon. Should I push him down when he does that? I need him to stay a baby a little bit longer but I think the he is eager to catch up with his brother and sissy!

Back to "The Office"

I am so thrilled to have my old friends at The Office back! Hooray!

Last night's premiere did not disappoint. I laughed out loud so many times! If you saw it...were you surprised? I won't ruin it for those of you who TiVo'd it and haven't seen it yet.

Poor Phyllis.

Poor pathetic Andy.

Could Holly be more perfect for Michael?

Are they going to do something horrible to Jim and Pam this season? It's too good.

What did you think?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jesus IS a friend of mine...

...but there are so many things wrong with this

Bob the Builder

This was the day Ike hit. Everyone was out of school and off of work early in anticipation and the sky was a strange color the whole day. Rory was ready to help with any repairs that needed to be made.


Music Monday

Power's back on. Finally!

Here's another one of those great songs from back in the day. Middle school for me. Enjoy!
Mr Big To Be With You-1992


Friday, September 19, 2008

...and we're in the dark again!

What in the world?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let there be light!


Life After Ike

Well...we're still here!

It's been 5 days since Ike came through.

5 days without lights, AC, refrigerators, stoves, tv, radio, cell phones (cell towers have been down), computers, etc.

We have litteraly been in the dark since Saturday and it's been frustrating.

"Mom, can I have some cereal for breakfast?" Uh...no milk
"Mom, can we watch cartoons?" Uh...no power or cable
"Mom, I can't see to go to the bathroom"
"Mom, I'm hot"
"Mom, I'm afraid of the dark"

Kids don't get "NO ELECTRICITY"

We've had some good family time, though. Lots and lots and lots of games.

I'll post some pictures soon. Hopefully you and your family (if you were in Ike's path) are doing okay and your power is back on. Tons of trees fell in our neighborhood. Several through people's homes. We feel truly blessed being that we have wooded lots on either side of our house.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Boys

With Maggie being at school all day everyday (still adjusting by the way) I have had some really good quality time with my boys. They are so fun and it's great to see Rory in the "big brother" role. Maggie certainly reminds him of his standings in the family when she's around but he is less competitive when it's just him and Sully. He saw that Sully had a shirt just like his the other day (a product of Robin buying one for Luke and one for Rory... both of which have now been passed down) and he wanted them to be the "Beatle Brothers".

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Music Monday

Let's bring it out of the 80s/90s and into the present...

I love this artist. I'm sure that there are die-hard fans who have known about her for a while but I have loved her stuff the past couple of years and this song in particular always makes me smile and sticks in my head for the rest of the day. Something about her makes me think of old singers... like a cross between Karen Carpenter and Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oooooo...I like her!

She makes me proud to be a mom, a woman and an American.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Music Monday

I have vivid memories of being at the bowling alley and putting as many quarters as I could find in the jukebox to play this song over and over and over...

Does hearing it take you back to a certain time, place or over-the-top hairstyle? Describe it in the comments section. Can't you just smell the Drakkar on these guys?

Extreme More Than Words (1990)

Happy Labor Day!