Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rory

It was 3 years ago at this very hour that I first laid eyes on your precious face! I was over the moon with how much I loved you the second I saw you. You made our family feel so big. You fulfilled Daddy's wish to have a hunting and fishing buddy. You made Maggie so proud to be a big sister and you gave me the privilege of knowing what it meant to love a little man who wasn't my daddy or husband, more than I ever knew I could.

Your first year was such a breeze. The transition to two kids was so easy...because of you. You were (and still are) so laid back and go-with-the-flow! You only cried when you needed something and even then, it was a little, sweet, soft cry. Like, "If you don't mind...could you please feed me...change me...hold me". You love to snuggle and smile all the time...especially when you know I'm frustrated with you. You smile and melt my heart. You little stinker!
You are the most loving, snuggly little boy! You cuddle with me for hours and like to pass out hugs and kisses in spades. You are a morning person...early morning. You get this from me, for sure. Ready for breakfast as soon as you head leaves the pillow and ready to start the day at the first sign of sunrise. I look forward to taking you on Saturday morning breakfast dates when you're older. We;ll be home and full before anyone else wakes up.
You have the most precious head of blonde curls. Of course my little boy would get those and not my little girl! Your eyes brighten up my day when you are happy and break my heart when you are sad.I love you, precious one.
Happy Birthday, Buddy


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Former Selves

I got such a kick out of this weeks episode of How I Met Your Mother. Did anyone see it? There was a scene where the characters were commenting on how when you get around people from your past, you immediately turn in to your former self. I was laughing so hard because I know that I have witnessed this a time or two in myself and others.

For those who went to their high school reunion and were nervous around the guy they used to have a crush on (even if he's fat and balding) or made to feel small around that group of girls that used to torture you!

I can remember as a child going to visit my Dad's family in Georgia. My Dad has a fairly neutral accent. There are certain words that place him as a Southerner but for the most part, he has moved passed the Georgia drawl and avoided the Texas twang. One day into our vacation however, and he is right there with his siblings with an almost indecipherable, thick, Southern accent. It would drop off on the plane back home, though.

I must admit that I am guilty of regressing to my college self when I'm around my roommates. We meet once a year and try to talk as often as we can. Inevitably, the second we are in each other's presence or hear each other's voice, we go into "ghetto mode".

I love those girls and can't wait to get ghetto with you in July! :o)

Do you have a group of people who turn you into your former self?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye, Carly

Was anyone else SHOCKED by the elimination of Carly Smithson last night on American Idol? She is such a power-house who is one of the few contestants who is consistent week to week. Whether you liked her Celine-esque style and tatted arm or not...she's still a solid performer who I thought would make it at least to the top 3. Very interesting. I'm still routing for Brooke White. I love her singer/songwriter sensibility and the fact that she comes across as very genuine and humble makes me like her even more.

Who are your top picks?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Addiction

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

It's no secret how completely sucked in to blogs you can get!

This proves it...I need to take it easy and get some help for my addiction :o)

Friday, April 18, 2008


If you've been wondering where in the blogworld I've been...well, busy. Busy with my own children and having such a blast with my sister's kids. Sweet Bethany finally let us meet Charlie (see previous post) so that meant that my sister came into town for all of the birth festivities. A lot of the time, I was with all five kids while Robin spent time at the hospital or taking pictures of the baby at Bethany's house which meant that I was way outnumbered! At one point I was helping a 2 year old go potty, dealing with scraped knee drama, breaking-up a 5 year old stand-off about a toy and nursing simultaneously :o) Needless to say...there was chaos. It's times like that when all you can do is laugh. But it was the sweet moments like this that will stick in my mind from this past week. Robin, I miss you terribly already!

Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. Proverbs 17:6

I don't know how the Duggar Family does it. 17 kids!? Bless HER heart!

Summer 'do

Rory has been walking around this past week with his head tilted up so he could see out from beneath his bangs. I figured with hot Houston heat quickly approaching, it was time for him to get a summer 'do. I hated cutting off his surfer hair and precious curls but he looks so much tidier this way and I know he'll be MUCH cooler.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sully-7 weeks

For each of my kids, I've taken sweet little body part pictures when they were around 6 weeks old. I love looking at the close-up pictures and comparing who's nose, mouth and eyes they have. I love Sully's little pouty lips and his expressive eyes!


Newborn Handbook

Have you ever heard someone say that babies should come with some sort of handbook? Maybe the hospitals should pass this out for those lacking good common sense!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bless Her Heart

Isn't that just the quint essential Southern female expression?...

Bless your heart!

What does that even mean?

It's all I can think to say in regards to my friend, Bethany. It's not out of pity but out of sympathy for what she's going through. At the time of this post, she is entering into her 42nd week of pregnancy. She is going for an appointment this morning to make sure all is well with her baby, Charlie. I guess he's just really comfortable where he is and perhaps a little shy about making his appearance to all of his friends and family anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Bethany is such a rock star about the whole thing. I know for a fact that if I were in her shoes, I'd be complaining up a storm about how miserable I was. I know this because Sully came a week early and I was already complaining! Bless her heart that random strangers continue to ask her, "Wow! When are you due?", "You're about to pop!", and "Why hasn't you doctor induced you yet?". She knows that Charlie hasn't come because it isn't time yet.

Bethany is waiting and resting in God's perfect timing. God knows what's best for us and if there's ever a time where He is able to show us that, it's through the birth of babies. Why, then, do we try and control every detail? Patience is a virtue...one I have to ask God for constantly.

Bethany, what a lovely example you are of trusting that God will work all things together for the good! I can't wait to meet Charlie in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Resemblence

Bethany posted about a great likeness between Jason Castro from American Idol and the Muppets guitar player. Too funny!

Here's what I think...

If Uncle Jesse and Juliet from 'Lost' ever got together, I think they'd have a Jason Castro

What do you think? Who's your top Idol?